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Recent Projects

Sanford Big Buffalo Wastewater Treatment Plant

project type: fabrication , graphics , museums , projects

The Big Buffalo Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sanford, NC, has been operating since 1972. This exhibit provides guests with an explanation of the plant’s process using custom-fabricated interactive elements, rail and wall graphics, and table displays.

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LORD Timeline Wall

project type: fabrication , graphics

The LORD lobby is spacious with high ceilings and abundant natural light. For this space, we worked with the client to create a timeline wall; introducing the corporation’s history as well as its graphic style.

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Pfizer Innovation Space - Complete!

project type: fabrication , projects

Innovation spaces are all about group collaboration, open discussion, and rapid brainstorming. Our challenge was to create a space where the Pfizer employees to step out of the ordinary office environment and foster “out-of-the-box” ideas.

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Cedars in the Pines at NCMH

project type: fabrication , museums

Cedars in the Pines is an emotionally engaging exhibit. Housed in North Carolina’s Museum of History in downtown Raleigh, visitors can experience the day in the life of a Lebanese immigrant through traditional dance, delectable “food” and more..

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The Carolina Theatre Exhibits, Phase One and Two

project type: fabrication , graphics , museums

Take a look at the Phase 1 and 2 updates at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, NC. Stay tuned for updates on Phase 3 coming soon…

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Durham History Hub

project type: fabrication

The Museum of Durham History just opened the doors to the Durham History Hub, located in downtown Durham, NC. The museum building, which was once a bus stop, has transformed into a “hub” where visitors can learn how to explore the history, community, and diversity of Durham.

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